Quadriceps exercises

In this section, you will find instructions on how to do the QUADRICEPS EXERCISES (with images and videos).

The exercises are divided into levels of difficulty, with level 1 being the easiest and level 6 being the most difficult. Choose the option that best fits you and try to progress as you feel stronger and more confident.

Keep in mind the 5 tips to monitor your knee cap pain during your exercise sessions.

In the early stages of exercise rehabilitation, the current evidence indicates that hip focused exercises may be more effective than knee focused exercises. However, in the longer term, the combination of both hip and knee exercises are likely to improve your outcomes.

As squatting is a knee base exercise, we suggest you start with the bridge, hip and core exercises in the initial 2-3 weeks, especially if your knee is still quite painful. Once your pain has settled a little and you are making progress with the first 3 exercises groups, then gradually introduce the quadriceps exercise (squat), being guided by your pain response.