How much pain is Ok?

Pain can often cause someone to become fearful of exercise. However, complete rest is not helpful and it is common for you to have knee cap pain at the beginning of your exercise programs designed to help your knee pain.

If you are completing exercises to help your knee pain, your pain during these should not be higher than you experience during normal activities your perform.

Use this scale to guide acceptable pain levels:

5 tips for you manage your knee cap pain exercise

These tips can be applied during normal daily activities and exercise, as well as exercise programs designed to help your knee pain:

1. Ideally keep pain < 2/10 during your activities if possible

2. Do not exceed 5/10 pain during exercise

3. Pain should return to normal levels 60 minutes post-exercise

4. Pain should not be increased the following morning post-exercise

5. Do your physical activities based on pain your response